All (or most) you need to know for a fun and smooth Atlanta ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL can be found below. If you have a question that wasn't asked/answered below, please send an email, with the question to: marksterconproductions@gmail.com

Q) I purchased an even t-shirt, when do I get it?
A) Anyone who "pre-purchases" a commemorative t-shirt can pick them up at the event, starting at 4pm, at Diesel Filling Station, on July 27th, 2019.

Q) I missed out on purchasing a ZPC t-shirt, can I buy one at the event?
A) Organizers will have a HANDFULL of extra (overprint) Atlanta Zombie Pub Crawl t-shirts for purchase on Saturday (July 27th), however, they will run out quickly. If you don't get a chance to buy an event shirt, inquire at the MERCHANDISE TENT on what is available ($20 each/cash).

Q) What all do I need to bring to the ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL?
A) Bring yourself and if you have a ticket, you MUST bring that also so we can scan it so you can get your drink tickets (and zombie make-up, if your ticket package allows). Also, BRING CASH. If you plan to purchase any food, drinks, raffle tickets, etc. BRING CASH. Feel free to do your own make-up if you didn't get a GENERAL ADMISSION or VIP ticket). We also recommend you put on SUN SCREEN ahead of time. If the weather is nice, the majority of people are in the SUN during the crawl, which is not necessarily bad. However....just be aware that if you are "fair skinned" you might be some sun...so be prepared!

Q) Do you know when and where we'd need to be to have our (zombie) make-up done?
A) Make-up artists will be set up at event pub host DIESEL FILLING STATION starting at 4 p.m. — which is the same place you'll check-in if you are registered. Diesel Filling Station is located at 870 North Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306 — visit them online at http://dieselatlanta.com They will be doing make-up until 7 pm....so zombie make-up STOPS at 7pm. Registration (for drink tickets) will remain open until 9pm (with shots/drinks redeemable till 11pm)

Q) Can I pay with credit card at the event?
A) We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone to bring cash to make things quicker...if attendees plan to buy additional drinks, food, etc. We are expecting 2017 to be our largest, bloodiest crowd so the less credit card transactions the bars have to do for small purchases, the smoother things will go....hence cash being much quicker. You don't want to upset a horde of zombies, do you?

Q) When does the "actual" zombie crawl start?
A) We will start doing make-up (and registration) at 4pm at Diesel Filling Station. Due to the sheer number of zombies (400+) we will be release FIVE zombie hordes...at 5pm, 5:30pm, 6, 6:30 and 7pm (to be confirmed)...so that the following pubs can handle the numbers. Get to the event early!!

Q) Where can we park at the Zombie Pub Crawl?
A) In addition to side street parking, there are several Public Parking areas near by. We recommend you check out http://www.virginiahighland.com/map.html to help locate parking ahead of time.

Q) Do we have to buy tickets in order to attend and participate in the ZPC?
A) No, actually you do not. If you want to apply your own make-up and just show up, you'll be set to go. The tickets are for people who want to have their zombie make-up done by our on-site professional make-up artists and for those who want to enjoy the complimentary shot tickets redeemable at each official pub stops during the event. Attendees who do not have a ticket can still participate in the Pub Crawl and visit the pubs with the rest of the undead. We'll also have $20 drink tickets "day of" - CASH ONLY (1 designated shot ticket for each of the official pubs). Get your reserved tickets starting April 1st, 2019 at Eventbrite.com

Q) What can I do to help make the Zombie Pub Crawl move smoothly?
A) First, move away from the bar (serving area) after you've made your purchase. If you are either redeeming your free SHOT or buying food and/or drinks, make sure to give other customers space and availability to also order themselves.

Q) Do I need a ticket in order to get into the AFTER-PARTY (8pm), following the Zombie Pub Crawl?
A) No, you don't. The After-Party is open to the public and there is no cover charge however there will be a line to get in after Diesel Filling Station fills up - so be prepared to wait if you get there later in the evening. Admission is given to VIPs however, then other who have an event wristband. Also, 10 HIGH is hosting Live Metal Karaoke down the block so we are encouraging "overflow" to go party there and come back to Diesel Filling Station (if the venue is full). NOTE: 10 HIGH will also reach maximum capacity so be aware, doors open for 10 HIGH at 9:30pm.

Q) Where do I park?
A) There are several public parking lots in and around the Diesel Filling Station location. We recommend you plan to arrive a few minutes earlier than you anticipated to look for parking (either in paid spaces or side streets) as we are expecting our biggest crowd yet.

Q) Can I bring my 14-year old? They love 'THE WALKING DEAD' and want to see all the zombies and get make-up done.
A) This event is 21+ only – sorry. However, if you and your child want to walk up and down the Pub Crawl route during the event, you'll see lots of zombies we're sure. But remember, this is a PUB crawl and most, if not all, of the official Pub Stops don't allow the underage. No one under 21+ admitted inside participating pubs.

Q) Can we come to the After-Party if we don't make it to the Pub Crawl? 
A) Yes you can! However, be aware that Diesel will reach maximum capacity at some point and you may have to wait to get access to the After-Party. Admission will also be given to VIP badge holders, then others with an event wristband. 10 HIGH is hosting Live Metal Karaoke down the block so we are encouraging "overflow" to go party there and come back to Diesel Filling Station (if the venue is full). NOTE: 10 HIGH will also reach maximum capacity so be aware.

Q) What's the After-Party all about?
A) The After Party at Diesel Filling Station, which kicks off at 8 p.m., will be a great time to mingle and party it up with your fellow undead (and survivors) after taking over the North Virginia Highlands area from 4-8 p.m. During the After-Party we'll have DJ'ed dance music, zombie costume contest at 10pm, and also announce the 'People's Choice' winner for the 2019 ZOMBIE PIN-UP CONTEST (ends at 9pm) and more. Diesel Filling Station will also have their food menu available for anyone with the munchies.

Q) Can I purchase tickets "day of"?
A) Yes, you can, at Diesel Filling Station starting at 4 p.m. via tickets that include make-up (if spots are still available) or just the Drink Tickets: CASH ONLY.

Q) I entered the ZOMBIE PIN-UP CONTEST — when do I know who won?
A) In addition to us picking a "1st Place/Winner" we'll also be displaying the entries outside under a tent where people can vote for "People's Choice" (till 9pm).  A vote will be a $1 donation towards the entry(s) you like - the entry that gets the most $1 votes wins "People's Choice". NOTE: All $1 VOTES/DONATIONS will be donated to the 2018 ZPC Charity of Choice (TBA). We will also be announcing the Judge's Picks for the contest after the event is over (via a panel of judges). More info. on the 6th Annual ZOMBIE PIN-UP CONTEST can be found at www.AtlantaPinUpCalendar.com (NOTE: deadline for submitting an entry is July 17th, 2019)

Q) How big are Diesel's bathroom?
A) We encourage all attendees to make use of other participating host restrooms when in their venues. Diesel Filling Station has smaller bathrooms so there will be a line/wait. If you are at another venue before coming to Diesel Filling Station, make a "p*ss stop" and use the facilities there if possible. Plus, if you leave Diesel Filling Station (later on) to go find a bathroom, you might find yourself at the end of the waiting list to get back into the venue.

Q) Can I still get pro zombie make-up done?
A) Yes, purchase yours soon at via Eventbrite.com while they last (VIP also available – starting on April 1st, 2019 at 7pm).

Q) When will make-up at Diesel start?
A) If you were one of the lucky who got either a VIP or Gen. Admission ticket, then starting at 4pm, you'll be able to get "zombie-fied". Zombifiations will happen until 7pm so show up BEFORE THEN to get your make-up done.

Q) Can I purchase tickets on Saturday?
A) Yes...we will still have Drink Tickets available CASH day of, starting at 4pm....which includes 5 zombie-themed shot tickets, one at each participating pubs (4 total). Drink tickets will be sold at Diesel Filling Station (host pub) until 9pm - ALL drink tickets/shots must be redeemed by 11pm.