Wow....what an amazing day! Thanks so much to the 600+ attendees who came out on July 26th, 2014 and all of the people who helped with volunteering and helping make sure the event went smoothly.

 If you download and share the photos online, we ask that you credit the photographer when possible and also use the URL with your photo. For the official hashtag please use #zombiecrawlatlanta

• Jay Prescott video HERE *new*
• T. Wolf's photos HERE *new*
• David Leo Photos HERE
• Black Medusa Imagery HERE
• Richard A. LaMarre photos HERE
• Thrasher ATL photos HERE
• Sam W. Honda photos HERE
• Sam W. Honda photos HERE #2
• Sam W. Honda "extra crispy" photos HERE

Check out hundreds of killer photos from the 4th Annual ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL in 2013:

Photo by Michael "HOOPIX" Lombardi
at the 2013 Zombie Pub Crawl
Tobias Roybal photos HERE.
Michael "HOOPIX" Lombardi photos HERE.
Sam W Honda (Part 1) photos HERE.
Sam W Honda (Part 2) photos HERE.
Richard A LaMarre photos HERE.
Fifi McSnickerbottom photos HERE.
Danny Hunter photos HERE.
Channing Minion photos HERE.
Francisco Nateras photos HERE. Slideshow: HERE.
Eric Rice photos HERE.
Kevin O'Connell photos HERE.
Kevin O'Connell (2011 photos) HERE.
Kevin O'Connell (2010 photos) HERE.
Lee Workman photos HERE. *new 8/1/13*

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Photos of pre-2013 ZOMBIE PUB CRAWLS, by Atlanta artist and photographer Deviant-Savant. Check out his work at (NSFW)