Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Aftermath of the 10th annual ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL

The 10th annual ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL went off great without any snags and we're happy to share the aftermath photos (and video with you). If you haven't heard, we are considering moving the 11th annual ZPC to a cooler month as so many of you have complained it's just to d@mn hot to keep doing it at the end of July – go vote HERE.

• Photos by Workman Reflections HERE.
• Photos by Jeff James *COMING*.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

10th Anniversary ZPC t-shirt design unveiled!

Available for pre-order until 10am on 7/15/19
One of the most sought-after elements of Atlanta's annual ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL is the commemorative t-shirt.

This year we are excited to announce that artist Chris Hamer (of Urbnpop.com) has lended his creative mind to the task of creating a fun, colorful but yet horrific design that also incorporated a large X to signify 10 years.

Those interested in owning one of these amazing shirts can order one up until July 15th for pick-up at the 10th annual ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL on July 27th, 2019.

Options are available to pre-order a shirt OR as part of the VIP "Gore" package which shirts are included. NOTE: Shirts can also be purchased at the event but sizes and quantities are very limited - in other words if you want a shirt, please pre-purchase it and pick your size. 

Unisex sizing available (XS-XXX) and will be printed on very comfortable 100% cotton (we only print on t-shirts that are super comfortable as we want everyone wearing these killer shirts to be the envy of their fellow zombie lovers).

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Adv. tickets now available for the 10th annual ZPC

If you missed out on your chance for tickets as part of our 'Early Zombie' special don't get too bloody upset as we'll be releasing more tickets at 7:00pm EDT on May 2nd! Like previous years we'll have various options available to attendees as far as what type of ticket they may want:
• Drink Ticket: Gets you a themed shot ticket for each pub stop (5 pubs) but does not include any make-up or blood splatter.
• "Survivor" Blood Splatter Booth: Gets you a themed shot tickets for each pub stop, plus a turn in our Blood Splatter booth.
• "Infected" ticket: Gets you professional zombie make-up (on-site), plus a shot tickets for each pub stop (5 total) plus other standard perks.
• VIP "Gore" ticket: Gets you professional zombie make-up (on-site) which includes Prosthetics (the good stuff), plus a shot ticket for each pub stop (5 total), a 2019 ZPC t-shirt, a keepsake lanyard, a drawstring Zombie Survival Bag, plus other standard perks – THIS TICKET IS LIMITED IN QUANTITY and always SELLS OUT!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

2019 tickets open up on April 1st for 10th Annual ZPC

The blood rumors are true, 'Early Zombie' tickets for the 10th annual ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL in Atlanta open up on April 1st at 7:00pm.

We're especially excited about this year since it's our big 10 Year Anniversary and look forward to filling the sidewalks and pubs in Virginia-Highland on July 27th, 2019, along with some special surprises to celebrate the big TEN ZERO.

For those that have attended the ZPC before we look forward to having you back and if you've never experienced Atlanta's bloodiest event then you are in for a treat.

If you'd like to find out how the Atlanta ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL started 10 years ago, read more on our "About" page located HERE. Remember, 'Early Zombie' tickets open up on April 1st at 7:00pm via Eventbrite.

For other geek and alternative themed events in Georgia and the SouthEast please visit MarksterCon.com.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Highlights from 9th annual Atlanta ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL

Wow....what a bloody awesome day! Thanks so much to all of the volunteers, staff, makeup artists, sponsors, pub staff and anyone else who helped make #9 such a great time. Check out the video below by Jay Prescott Videography to see for yourself – we'll be posting pictures as soon we get them from photographers so stay tuned!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Photos/video from the 2017 Atlanta ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL

Such an amazing, bloody good time! It's what you've all been waiting on – photo and video evidence of how awesome the 2017 Atlanta ZOMBIE PUB CRAWL was. A massive thank you to the talent that helped photograph and video this year's annual event and also BUDWESIER for being the Featured Sponsor. NOTE: Please feel free to tag your friends and if reposting images, make sure to give credit to the appropriate photographer and event:

• Workman Reflections photos HERE
• Ayalas Photography photos HERE
• Richard LaMarre photos HERE
• Jeff James photos HERE
• WSB-TV photo compilation HERE
• Prescott Videography video HERE
VOTE now for the 2017 Zombie Pin-Up Contest HERE

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Winner of BUDWEISER's Zombie Photo Contest (2016)

Winner of the 2016
Budweiser Zombie Photo Contest
A bloody CONGRATULATIONS to Ben Cook, attendee of Atlanta's July 30th Zombie Pub Crawl, for being named as the official winner of the "Budwesier Zombie Photo Contest".

During the event, Ben was photographed with at least one Budweiser product (or Budweiser logo) which made him eligible to enter the contest since he used hashtags #budweiserzombie #markstercon #zombiecrawlatlanta

Due to supporting our event, our amazing sponsor Budweiser, and entering this fun contest, Ben wins a Markster Con Golden Party Pass – which gets him a year's worth of FREE events to future Markster Con parties (certain exclusions apply). Ben also will win a pass to the 2017 Atlanta Zombie Pub Crawl #8!

Interested in seeing more photos and a highlight video by Jay Prescott Videography from the 7th annual ZPC? We have many of them currently already available to view/share and it's as easy as clicking HERE to see for yourself.

Again, a massive THANK YOU to Budweiser for being our featured Sponsor for the 7th annual Atlanta Zombie Pub Crawl!